A Little Bit of R&R

Stevie Turner, Indie Author.

Sam and I caught the 12.30 ferry over to Fishbourne on Saturday, in order for me to finally sign on the dotted line and take possession of a holiday home I’ve been wanting for years. I thank my late mother a thousand times for this gift, and I hope it will give our family great enjoyment for years to come.  The Isle of Wight has been a second home to us for many years and now we can nip over there whenever we want.

I must admit, sitting on the decking with a cup of green tea is infinitely preferable to laying supine in a scanner.  At least I get weekends off for a little bit of R&R!  Our granddaughters cannot wait to stay in it and use the park’s swimming pool and sit on the beach, but they do not like the sound of the 5 hour car journey…

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