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‘… wherefore art thou?’ – Why you need a contact page …


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Well, why not?

It shouldn’t be this hard.

I read superb blog posts every day… hear of intriguing books and great literary offers, see gorgeous photography and artwork and think, ‘I’ll ask them over for a guest post.’

Except, I can’t.

There is no email address visible anywhere on the blog..and if I can’t find one on sidebar, about page or contact page, I’ll probably give up looking.

I don’t really like asking people to come over for a guest post in the comments… it feels a bit intrusive and as if they are expected to say yes. But comments are good…anyone who leaves a comment on my site, also leaves an email address and this allows me to contact them. As long as their email address is still in use and has not been supeceded by a new one.

I can quite understand why someone would choose not to…

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2 thoughts on “‘… wherefore art thou?’ – Why you need a contact page …

  1. Thanks for sharing, Jaye x

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  2. Interesting blog post. Shared on social media:)

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