What to Do When Your Plot is Wrong — An Inky Mess

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So, you’ve outlined, you’ve written, you’ve conquered. Now what?

Now is the time to edit, and when you’re editing, guess what happens?

That’s right, you fucking cry because your manuscript is a mess and a half. Unless you’re me- then it’s 3.75 messes. No regrets.

I was rewriting one of my action scenes, glibly minding my own business when WHAM! An intrusive Fuckicus you bee comes buzzing into my head, making some very nasty comments about my plot. Namely, it raised doubts about the logic of my protagonist Jays’s actions after he realises that he’s been kidnapped and forced to partake in a series of games to the death. He’s smart as hell, so if he’s in here, and he’s as arrogant as I think he is, why would he stay? Even if he is suicidal, why in the name of our lord and master The Bookstore would he ignore…

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