Storm Doris Damage

Chronicles of an Orange-Haired Woman!

Well, I must say I wasn’t fully prepared for the recent ferocity of weather – and have been somewhat peeved to find that one fence panel has feebly given up the ghost and three more, as mentioned yesterday, are not long for this world. Wind has howled and barked, like a sky full of rabid dogs, all ruddy night and the yawning gap ‘twixt the middle and right-hand fences at the back now could accommodate a large cat! The wood is so rotten that I cannot pull, push or curse the rapidly-disintegrating bits back together again!

Jumble has now got into Houdini Mode, inspired, I have no doubt, by the wily and determined Pippa. When the first panel went the way of all flesh, the dog was in like Flynn within seconds – and, when, last night, the rain-water barrel, as yet unattached and plugging the one tiny gap between…

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