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I have come to the following conclusion.

Not all books that hit the charts are good.

A lot of excellent books never sell.

You can become a NYT bestseller by targeting carefully and working the system.

What is the difference?

Marketing – which equals getting your book/s out there and VISIBLE, really  VISIBLE.

Now before you read any further don’t think for a moment that I am whining. I applaud and admire those people who have the marketing skill. I may or may not write good books, depending on your point of view (you can see them below!) but I ain’t got the marketing skill, nor do I have the money to pay some person or organisation to do it for me. I cannot even railroad DH into doing any of it either. (you may say aaaah here)

I receive dozens of blogs each week telling me how only Facebook…

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One thought on “AM I WASTING MY TIME?

  1. Human mind is hard to explore and understand.Naturally every one of us have a liking for a particular genre that indicates human mind always remains selective.No wonder, you don’t have a liking for all the books that come your way.Again one’s mood also plays a vital role both in reading any book of your choice and in writing anything your mind prefer.Hence, generally we feel all the books that hit the charts are not good.I too have the same opinion about the books that I come across.

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