Wellspring #midnighthaiku

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo


Chalice Well, Glastonbury, has been in use for over two thousand years. The chalybeate spring has never ceased to our forth its warm red waters. One of the many legends of the well says that Joseph of Arimathea placed the Cup here in which he had caught the blood of Jesus. For many pagans it represents the feminine principle of divinity. Close by, the White Spring mirrors the Red and their waters mingle beneath the grounds of the ruined Glastonbury Abbey’s. The sacred spring is now in Chalice Well Gardens which is a designated World Peace Garden. The well cover was designed by Frederick Bligh Bond and shows the Vesica Piscis bisected by a sword and surrounded by foliage. The sword, on one level, may make reference to the legendary burial place of King Arthur in the Abbey and the foliage represent the Holy Thorn that grew from the staff…

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