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The sun rose this morning on a misty world, finding its way through scattered clouds. Although the air is chill, yet there is a feeling of spring burgeoning with determined inevitability in the hedgerows and fields.  Houses huddle together for warmth, and in their gardens, sheltered by their fences and walls, warmth and light is contained and held, and flowers bloom there. I am missing my old garden… the new place is green, small shoots and the first leaves adorn my tiny flowerbed, but the riotous energy of earlier springs is absent.


It seems a little odd at first glance that these man-made oases should see the blossoming of springtime before the garden of Mother nature herself, yet perhaps it is not really so. The flowers and buds that retain their wildness are less showy, less colourful, perhaps, than the cultivars that we plant and tend assiduously, and we notice…

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