…Jurassic is as Jurassic does…

Seumas Gallacher

…this ol’ Scots scribbler has never ever claimed to be the vanguard for cutting-edge new gadgetry or even blunt-edge new gadgetry… my self-acknowledged label, ‘Jurassic’applies not only to my dearth of understanding of all things compoootery, but also to a few other areas… in this age of handheld mobile communication instruments, when others around me, every other season, seem to trade up their current Samsungs/Nokias/Blackberries (yes, I had one of those until a few months ago!), I reluctantly swap mine only when the fabric of my present device is crumbling to pieces… when I purchase the latest up-to-date models, it takes me eons to understand how the bluudy things operate, including sum’times simply how to switch them on… and truly, all I ever want them to do is to receive SMS messages and to make and receive phone calls…


…and it now occurs to me, that regardless of my protestations of…

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