Forgiveness beyond words

Yoga : A Strategic Approach

The eminent leader of Indian independence movement ‘Mahatma Gandhi’ rightly mentioned that ‘Weak can never forgive, forgiveness is the attribute of the strong’. There can not be a better explanation than this about forgiveness. Forgiveness seems to be just 11 lettered word, but it has the capability to transform your life in a big way. If forgiveness becomes an integral part of your life, then it can change the very way you interpret your life experiences. Forgiveness is not an act, it’s a certain quality. Hence forgiveness has nothing to do with someone apologizing to you. You simply forgive because you are able to foresee what other person can’t. You clearly know that those who are doing something undesirable to others are actually unaware of the fact that by harming others they are bringing misery to themselves only.

Those people who think by hurting others they can gain happiness…

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