Finding A Little Humor When Things Don’t Go As Planned

Allison Maruska

So my husband is a sweet man. He’s thoughtful and spends time looking for gifts that he thinks I’ll like.

It’s common knowledge among people who know me that I love owls. I have many things featuring owls. I’m at this very moment wearing a shirt with an owl on it.



So it’s no surprise that he would look for owl items for me. My birthday was last week, and for one of my gifts he ordered what he thought would be a sweater with an owl or two on it. That’s what it was supposed to be. The order confirmation and shipping confirmation both feature “owl sweater”. So imagine his surprise when I opened the package that arrived today and removed this.

photo (1)Me: Skulls?

Him: There were supposed to be owls on it. Two or three just on the bottom. I didn’t order a skull sweater for you.


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