A silent voice

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

Chalfont St Giles (28)

It seems a very long time ago now, before the launch of the Silent Eye, that I wrote “Coming Through”, about the way we are sometimes guided by unseen hands. It was an attempt to describe what drives the work forward and how we experience that. Not just within the School, but all of us, throughout our lives, will feel that touch. There are many names and expressions used for this experience, perhaps the most frequent and generic term is ‘contact’ and while the Silent Eye is a ‘contacted school’, those words mean nothing to those outside of the esoteric world.

It is an awkward subject to address, as those who have not consciously felt that touch may well look askance at the weirdos and dismiss the whole concept as lunacy. Those who have felt it may have formed their own theories and come to a personal understanding…

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