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Results From The Book Launch With Zero Budget.

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Holly Evans

Results launching LGBT Urban Fantasy series no budget

Stolen Ink went live on February 10th. I had no spare money to throw at this launch, moving to a new country is expensive AF. So I did this completely free. I admit right here and now, I did have a bit of luck on my side, and there was a bit of ‘it’s who you know’ come into play.

You can read how things were looking a couple of weeks before launch, and what I did then, here.

A reminder that this is not written with the intent of bragging – I’m hoping that this can give some of you wonderful people some insight and maybe some inspiration for your own book launches.

The book.

Genre: Urban Fantasy with an LGBT+ cast and lead.

Length: Novel (55k ish).

Format: eBook only. (I hate paperback formatting).

Stolen Ink is book one in the Ink Born series.

Stolen Ink Gay Tattoo magician urban fantasy

I’m Dacian, a tattoo…

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