Sunrise/Sunset: The Liminal Moments…

Chronicles of an Orange-Haired Woman!

The sky this morning resembles a vast three-layered cup cake, spilling from its fragile lacy case of darkest night. A band of pale rosy peach sits in sumptuous splendour, cupped between two adjacent roofs; a thick frosting of slate, with an undertone of blue, lies atop the ‘bun’ and can be seen spreading, with generous obliviousness, to other dips between houses, other cakes. Sprayed, it would seem, lavishly upon the whole confection is a dazzle of cream which, due to its pallor, picks up hints from the pinks and greys, the powder blues and stone greys of the delectable offering to, and from, the Sun’s rising.

As the Sun begins to set, we are caught in a moment of such fine filigreed beauty that I am often reduced to tearful trickles. Sometimes the ribbons of colour are as elaborate as a fancy-dress parade, their hues deep and arresting, their visual…

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