Legends in the landscape – squaring the circle

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The October sun was getting low as we left Cratcliffe Crags and Robin Hood’s Stride behind us, following the ancient track towards our final destination… or almost. The weather, beautiful but changeable all day, had begun to gather clouds on the horizon and sprinkle us with rain… a lustration before entering a sacred space. Yet even in that, there seemed a blessing as the skies filled with bright ribbons of colour…celestial clouties hanging on the clouds.


The first field was full of sheep who hopped, skipped and jumped out of our way, keeping the required distance from the intruders…apart from one, too busy eating to notice our presence until the last minute, who proved, when she realised she was alone, that a running sheep can break the sound barrier.


Passing into the next field, the sheep moved well away from our path as we saw the first of the standing…

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