The Last Life



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“It was a grimly determined Michael Barratt who woke up on the morning of the wedding. He showered and dressed, avoiding looking in the mirror too much, for fear of depressing himself even further. His hair was beginning to grow again. Soft down-like fuzz was appearing in patches, which was encouraging but not yet attractive, knowing the scar tissue would remain.

In the next room, the women were chattering away like magpies. Anyone would think it was a good day, instead of the serious business, which hopefully would end their imprisonment and troubles once and for all. Pity he wasn’t looking forward to any of it.

Someone had gone to a lot of trouble, decorating the church with creamy white roses, ferns and greenery, all artfully arranged on every available surface, giving a magical air and perfume to the occasion. There were a surprising amount of people already there, and he wondered how many of them were police. He almost expected to see Mary there, too, to complete his agony.

The day should have heralded a new beginning, but everywhere Michael looked, he saw an ending of sorts. The end of their torment, maybe. The end of their romance, probably. But something else would end soon, he could feel it. It was there in every step he took, almost as if he were living on borrowed time and something or someone was about to snatch it all away at any moment.

No sign of Kate yet, and the relief he felt was palpable. He wasn’t looking forward to the pain he knew he would feel when she finally appeared, looking like a fashion magazine bride. The image of her, all in white, was like a knife turning slowly in his heart.

The organist was warming up, the mellow notes tumbling around the ancient stone pillars and archways. Suddenly the idyllic setting overwhelmed him and he had to go outside to get away from it all, if only for a moment…”