Computer says: Stop


An up date from one tired “peedie” woman. (peedie-Orcadian for small)

My short story has been written, polished, dusted and hoovered and sent off to Claire for the Ghostly Writes Anthology. Tick one task accomplished and mighty fine too.

Wisp 2 “Spells of Sea Dragons”. Editing first six chapters, the first of many edits.

More story ideas come from the muse so wrote them down, learned the hard way. Stop whatever you are doing and write it down. If you don’t muse will be pissed off and you’ll forget.

Loads of fabulous posts on the blogs today, re-blogged and commented.

I don’t write posts myself every day but I do re-blog because I believe in the post and the best way to get it supported is to blog it.

Grammarly is working hard, very hard for me and has become a coffee addict as well.

As some of you may…

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