First January Blog


First January Blog.

LATE! Yes, I am.
I do not do January and February well, and this year, I have had medical appointments to contend with. Not to mention cold days, very cold days (I do not do cold well either) and some very wet days. I do not like rainy days, not wintery rainy days at least.

I have been suffering, medically speaking, with various extra problems that put more pressure on me at a somewhat perverse time of year. Never the same two days running.
What has sparked my interest and kept me busy, were several ART Sites. Looking at many fabulous paintings by artists from all over, beginners, to professionals. The mediums range from oils, pastels, coloured pencils, inks, watercolours and so on. All types of art mediums, in fact.

The Coloured Pencil Group has awakened my interest in drawing with coloured pencils. I last used them…

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