Journal of the far side: 9 – The Island of Impossible Life

The Silent Eye

img_6811-2“Welcome to Central Station…”

We thought we had misheard; sitting on the back row of the four-wheel drive bus – yes, I did write 4×4 bus! There’s a picture below, just to prove it. There are four of them on Fraser Island, which is just as well because the only ‘highway’ on this 125-kilometre strip of sand is a perfectly straight eighty-kilometre beach facing the Pacific ocean.

The rest of the roads, as you can see in the photo below, are sandy tracks the width of a single vehicle. There are passing places – and all traffic must give way to the buses – but, unless you are a regular off-road driver with a powerful four-wheel drive car, you won’t get more than a few hundred metres from the arrival jetty at the Kingfisher Resort. In very dry weather, our driver/guide told us, it’s not unusual to find five or…

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