Down Days…

Chronicles of an Orange-Haired Woman!

Today, it is four weeks since I moved to Glastonbury – and much has been incredibly positive. I have been very busy getting the house in order and exploring my immediate area with Jumble, my elderly dog. This has meant that a huge amount has been achieved – and I have not, for the most part, been prey to dismal thoughts or tears.

‘Excellent!’ you may say – and, on the one hand, you would be right. I am no more fond of the low, even panicky, weepy moments than the next man, or woman; I would far rather be happy and energetic and laughing and occupied by positive tasks. Of course I would!

On the other hand, my reasons for exiting my marriage and moving from the village which had been my home for nearly two decades cannot be swept under the carpet and forgotten. There was always going…

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