The Songs Of Project Renovatio

Allison Maruska

Welcome to the latest Bonus Material post for the Project Renovatio series. This one’s gonna get a little musical.

trilogySome writers use music for inspiration. I know of a couple who got whole story ideas from a song (I had one for a short story). This isn’t quite like that. As I write, I hear songs that hit me as fitting with the story or with a character. I’m not actively seeking songs to go with the story. They just kind of happen. But when they do, listening to them helps me focus on whatever elements align with them.

The Project Renovatio series has a few songs that fell into place with it – three that matched characters and one that went with a crucial plot point in Liberatio (I’ll discuss that song last in this post, so if you haven’t read Liberatio yet stop reading after the third song…

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