Best Laid Plans of Mice and Lesbians

Widdershins Worlds

I’ve probably used that line as the title of a post before and I’m pretty sure I put 2017 down somewhere and forgot about it.

I forgot mah purzz I forgot mah purzz

I had planned to get a post up before this but the Dreaded Lurgy decided to smack me around, and then smack me around some more. Coughing one’s toes up is not a fun activity!

So I thought I’d just do a bit of a catch-up-ish post instead.


Mrs Widds and I started doing swim classes at our local leisure center last Autumn.  (they have a heated indoor pool and a ginormous hot tub) We were having a blast, and then we started to get the itches. Did you know that chlorine and human skin cannot co-exist in the same universe? Neither did I.

Enter the Interwebz! … The trick is to oil up your skin before you go…

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