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Views of the Neighborhood

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Fiction Favorites

It is time to change my header on Fiction Favorites. I have some photos that could be in contention for the job. Rather than me making the selection, I thought it might be fun to show you the candidates and let you choose the most favored. There is a poll at the bottom for you to use to record your choice. So here they are. One thing that struck me as I lined these photos up was how different the same position on the beach (looking East) is in reality

The first is a long shot of a stormy day. Candidate #1

Header picture

This is a shot of the sun breaking through the clouds. Candidate #2


A picture of an isolated thunderstorm. Candidate #3

Header Picture

The sunrise in late fall.Candidate #4


A cold day with blowing sand Candidate #5


As always, thank you for your help. The winner will be posted on the…

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we are 'silver surfers' and writers of fiction, proving every day that you are never too old to have fun!

One thought on “Views of the Neighborhood

  1. Thank you for this lovely re-blog. looks super here. 😉

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