Bubbly for the New Year!

Musin' With Susan

New Year’s Day was cold and rainy, so I decided to undertake an indoor photo project.  I mixed water, cooking oil and a couple of drops of dishwashing liquid in a glass with a clear bottom.  I mixed the bubbles with a bamboo skewer.  A drinking straw might have produced larger bubbles.  I mounted my camera on a tripod with my 60mm macro lens attached.  Camera was set to manual focus.  I used various colorful textures under the glass.  The ones that I like best used brightly patterned pieces of clothing.  I lit my shot with a small desk lamp aimed at the fabric.  I would have preferred to use my off-camera flash, but I had to send it in to Olympus for repair last week.  Here is a link to a comprehensive article detailing how to shoot oil and water bubbles http://www.marcgcphotography.com/oil-and-water-photography-creative-technique-php/  And, here are some of my results–

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