Tarka Daal (V), 36p


There comes a time in most of our lives when we receive a small wake-up call about the kind of person we really are, and my deliverance came in the form of a tarka daal.

I had been whisked away by friends to a cabin in the woods by the sea for my birthday back in March (and half wrote this blog post, as with many others…) as a treat, a surprise, a delight, and had asked another friend to look in on my Piggy while I was gone. I gavehim a set of keys, some instructions about Piggy-management, prided myself on being relaxed about the whole thing, and enjopyed my holiday.

As I was coming home, I got a message asking if he could possibly make himself some dinner, as I was running late home and he was quite enjoying the Piggy-love (he is a rather loving Piggy. I…

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