An Impossible Task


Can you keep to a diet at Christmas?

Talking about diets on the run up to Christmas could be regarded as foolish, but in a way, it’s the perfect time.

Some people, and I am one of the worst, don’t need an excuse to abandon all sensible thoughts at this time. Hey, it is a holiday after all!

Over eating at Christmas is usually thought of as some kind of obligation, but if we are determined to be fitter (and slimmer) it shouldn’t be.

Yes, the house will be bursting at the seams (sorry for that metaphor) with all your favourite goodies, but with care, you won’t be.

I have been a life-long dieter, mainly because I love food too much to stop eating any of it, but my health in my rapidly advancing years is making it imperative that I cut back a bit.

Earlier this year I discovered I was a borderline diabetic, and if I didn’t change my habits it would get a lot worse. Tea and coffee taste horrible without sugar, so I tend not to have as much as before. I have also limited bread and anything made with flour.  Anything white in fact. As a consequence, I have lost nearly 30 pounds this year. Still another 30 to go!

My Christmas resolution is to have smaller platefuls, but I will no doubt gain a few pounds, as there are some things I just cannot say no to!  All diet and no fun is not a good Christmas, especially for me!

Plenty of time to get back on track in the New Year!


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