Seasonal Messages


Well hello there fellow WP-ers! And hippy-hiddy-happy-holidaze-to you all!!

I thought I get that that out of my system, as for some reason this year I feel more seasonal than usual, which could be tempting Fate as it is 10:30am UK time on 24th December and as everyone knows there are so many things which could go wrong between now and whenever the holidays are concluded. So let’s get down to the basics of the message.

In the first case, for many folk this is going to be just one day in a litany of misery and pain, for others a random event has or is taking place which will be the opposite of a Merry Christmas and they are going feel pain and isolation as everyone else jollies around. (Like sitting in a hospital cafeteria wondering if your child is going to live, while staff chat and hang…

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