Must avoid…..

The Bingergread Cottage

That is the Solstice over and as far as I’m concerned the next year has started.

scar NOT as bad as that year!

It’s traditional to look back and compare, rejoice and/or weep. OK, to be fair 2016 wasn’t exactly the worst year I’ve had in my life, in that I didn’t end up in hospital, and still have all the bits with which I started the year. Going by my own standards, that is pretty spectacular. But it was a collection of miseries which, stuffed into one bag, makes a rather smelly burden.

Every trip we tried was a notable failure, ending up with crashing Vanner, the camping-car, and having to hire a car to bring us and the two animals home. I am getting the message. No more traipsing around in a mobile home. If I go anywhere in 2017 it will be to people I know, who will…

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