Freezer Meals

Behind the Willows

Now you might think this is going to be a post where I enthusiastically tell you about how I started bulk cooking meals and freezing them and my life is changed forever and is now a million times better.

I mean, I’m sure it would be if that’s what I was doing (at least that’s what 345,987 websites out there tell me will happen) but no, I haven’t started purposely making meals and freezing them for later. I’ve thought about it many times. I like the idea of the finished product in the freezer. But when it comes to devoting a day to cooking those meals… well frozen pizza’s are a good emergency stand by and I can throw them in my shopping cart in 25 seconds or less.

No freezer meals for us, until today… the day that shall forever be known as AGGGHHH-the-blankity-blank-blank-freezer-died-while-we-were-out-of-town day.

Remember these guys?broiler chickens


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