When Patience Pays Off

Allison Maruska

I’m penning this post at the end of a long and irritating day. What should have been a three-hour event ended up being an eight-hour ordeal.

But this story isn’t really about me. It’s about my kids.

Both of my sons train in Taekwondo. They attend classes three times per week, and they participate in extra events throughout the year. Today was one of those events.


It’s called the Master’s Challenge, and it’s a competition in which students participate in specific skills. My boys chose to compete in the Traditional Form event, or the poomsae. It’s kind of a choreographed exercise of the various moves they learn (you’ll see later in this post).

Traditional Forms took place near the end of the day. That’s important to the story.

So we arrived all bright eyed and optimistic that the day would be nothing but a rewarding first experience in competing.

img_0339 Daddy couldn’t…

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