Linda Huber: Ward Zero

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All the way from Switzerland, please welcome Scottish author Linda Hubers, who will describe her inspiration for her newest psychological suspense novel, Ward Zero:

The Grandchild Trick

A couple of years ago, I was home alone one Tuesday evening, watching a consumer programme on Swiss TV. It’s one of the kind that uncovers scams as well as testing various foodstuffs and shampoos etc, so it’s always interesting, and this particular week I found myself glued to the sofa.

The programme showed an old lady who’d been tricked out of her savings. How had this happened? Well, she’d answered the phone one day, and found a man on the line, saying he was an old friend of her husband. He chatted on in a way that convinced the lady he really had known her family – she was a widow now, and lonely, like many older people, so she was…

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