The flavour of revenge

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No, not this one...No, not this one…

You’ll have heard of the spider that got me in spring
How it went for my foot in the car
How it bit me five times
With no reason nor rhyme
Which was going a little too far.

You’ll remember perhaps that it made me quite ill
And my leg went all swollen and round?
Elephantine proportions
And major distortions
..I couldn’t set foot to the ground!

“Aha,” said the doctor, “Emergency room…”
And he sent me to hospital quick
But the antibiotic
They gave me? Chaotic…
Just left me allergically sick.

So emergency room, once again, and for real;
In a state, I was, all faint and choking…
I’d gone down with a clout,
But they sorted me out
…But the spider’s small gun was still smoking.

For months the bites itched, though they healed up and scarred
And although I’m now wary of spiders

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