How to overcome your fear of Scrivener

Jean's Writing

New and changing technology is oftentimes intimidating, especially to those of us who are comfortable with our old tools.

However, we can’t become sidelined because we are afraid of change. Even though I really do get tired of constant updates. I mean can’t Apple leave my iPhone alone. Oops, sorry veered off in the ditch for a minute.

Back to Scrivener.

Like an old dog learning a new trick, I’m finally getting the hang of Scrivener. I know many of y’all are light-years ahead of me. But maybe a few of you were like me and struggled to grasp the tools this software offers.

Want to know how I overcame my fear and uncertainty?


I’m not talking about outlining, arcs or deciding what I’m going to write. Most of that is usually stuck in our heads somewhere bouncing around like a damned ping-pong ball.

No, I like to arrange my Scrivener…

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