Why Magical Realism?

The Bingergread Cottage

Those of us who have published books are often asked where we get our inspiration (or even ideas). My answer is simple – they say “Write what you know”.  That gives me a wide field to draw on as I’ve changed not only jobs but professions more often than the Pony Express changed horses.

I worked in a veterinary surgery but Alf (Mr. Herriot) beat me to that big time. I was at sea with Shell Oil on tankers but that would make very tedious reading; months seeing nothing but water and then two days ashore. One trip I never saw any foreign land except Rotterdam where I both joined and left the ship.

I’ve worked in offices but that didn’t inspire me either. The choice between romance and Grisham didn’t grab me. In the end I was left with the one subject that has been a constant in…

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