Circles Beyond Time – Sleeping stones

The Silent Eye


It is difficult to describe the feeling when we arrived at ‘our’ stone circle. The last time we had been there, we had spent hours in the landscape, just sitting and absorbing the feel and the vibrant serenity of the place. Looking at the devastation we found when we arrived to check the site prior to the workshop, it was as if that previous visit had been in a different time-frame altogether… as if centuries, rather than months, had slowly eroded the memory of joy and left the site bereft of presence. Or as if the hours we had spent had been passed in some ‘otherwhere’ that took no account of the passing of time.

It is even more difficult to describe why it should be so. The stones, small and typical of Derbyshire’s circles, are always half buried in the grass. The reeds that have begun to invade the…

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