Getting things done.

Entertaining Stories

This is one of those days where I had a lot of little things to get finished. Any one of them doesn’t seem like much, but they add up. I tore into them with gusto, but my gusto is about exhausted.

Here is a list of the items I tackled:

  • Picked a section and sent off my critique submission to that group.
  • Made some artwork for a group promo I have going on.
  • Made a final proof for a Lisa Burton Radio post and sent it out.
  • Sent out a questionnaire for Lisa Burton Radio.
  • Sent out a micro-fiction for an anthology. (I promised to try writing a short story too. By September 7th.)
  • Wrote posts for the Second Notebook blog tour. (Seven down, five to go.)
  • Prepared a post for an October event I was invited to. This host wanted it copy and paste ready, so there was a…

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