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Shhh! Can't you see I'm writing?

081716_0500_RaveReviews1.pngHi! Welcome to the Rave Reviews Book Club 2016 Book & Blog Party.

081716_0500_RaveReviews2.pngCheck out the rest of the RRBC blog tour  lineup

Today I am honored to be your host. My name is Jo Ann Wentzel and I am pretty much a new kid on the block. This club has given me a warm welcome so I am ready and willing to become a supportive member. This tour is such fun and a wonderful way to get to know all of you. You are all great authors and I am so impressed with the quality and quantity of the books you have written. I must admit I am somewhat overwhelmed by all the great books I want to read and wonder if I will ever find time again to write myself. I want to read them all and how I try (Former home town librarians can vouch for that…

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