Going to the Movies…



Batman V Superman.  Dawn of Justice


An online review: …pits the titans against each other with beautiful visuals, too many characters and a borderline nonsensical plot…

Another online review:  This superhero world needed better storytelling, a comic touch and more than a few rays of sunshine. The story is crippled by special effects from start to finish…


It wasn’t my idea to watch this film. The family wanted to, so unless I went for a long walk (2hrs 26mins) I had to watch it too. I could have retreated to my office, but as it was the room right next door, it wouldn’t have helped much.

This film is not really my cup of tea. Iron man is more my favourite, and I was prepared to have an open mind. BUT…

The first question I had was, why on earth would batman want to take on Superman? Not a fair contest in my opinion, for the last time I looked, wasn’t one of them immortal?

The scenes of mass destruction seemed overdone and endless, and the plot was stretched so thin, the holes were disappointedly apparent.

In a nutshell…

It was too violent… too noisy…far too long and pointless in the extreme.

We are left thinking one of them is dead, but really, by that point, did anyone care?

4 thoughts on “Going to the Movies…

  1. In the DC comic Universes Batman & Superman are either the best of chums or tearing bits out of each other; Superman by brute force and Batman by cunning strategies. Doesn’t sound as if it translated to film this time.

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