The lawn

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ani grass

The lawn will require attention,

Though a ‘lawn’ it has not really been…

It is more an uneven and ragged expanse

Alternating from muddy to green.


There are holes in which moles or fieldmices

Or voles may have made their abode,

There are hedgehogs and crickets,

Not flowers and pickets,

And even a resident toad.


I’m not stuck for manure,

 ‘Cause there are no fewer

Than dozens of cows in the field.

So I might plant some roses

To relieve our noses …

And see what the neighbours can yield.


I could dig the lot up and seed it,

But the small dog likes playing outside

And already bounds onto the sofa

Where she waits for the mud to have dried.


But even if I should re-sow it,

And fill all the holes in with muck,

It’s way too uneven to mow it,

And even the…

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