Do you need a new landing page?

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As you’ve noticed by now, I’ve redesigned my website.

Why? Because the more I read about landing pages, the more I became convinced I needed one. I mean everyone likes to feel a firm foundation under their feet. Right?skydiving-1238276_640

A landing page is not just a place to showcase your books, but it gives your website a home. It also gives people an opportunity to reach out to you. A landing page makes your website recognizable, instantly.

When someone lands on your website, they will know instantly where they are and why.

You can put anything you want on a landing page. A small bio, a picture of your dog, links to your books or other publications, an email form….


So what do you think? Do you need a landing page?

Below are links that explain a lot about pages and how to decide if a landing page is…

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