How To Create An Eye-Catching Promotional Graphic

Allison Maruska

If you’re planning to promote anything on the internet (or anywhere, really), the odds of your product/message being seen go up dramatically if you include a graphic. Think about how many text-only ads you’ve responded to lately.

There haven’t been too many, huh?

If you’re like me, you’ve seen plenty of text-only promos on Twitter. I’d say the effectiveness of these depends on the popularity of the person posting, but even so, they’d get more exposure if a graphic was there. Because this is the internet and we like pictures.

A potential buyer has to see the message or product a certain number of times before they’ll buy. The exact number is up to some debate and depends on things like the popularity of the person doing the promoting and if the product is connected with something that’s already been well received. The standard number of exposures I’ve heard is seven…

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