Getting Plastered

Stevie Turner


No, I haven’t reneged on my childhood vow never to be under the influence of alcohol you’ll be pleased to hear.  Actually we’ve had a great upheaval, or rather I have.  Stevie had to move out of her ‘space’ yesterday so that our front room could be plastered.  We decided to move away from wallpaper towards the more modern smooth, plastered and painted walls after visiting our son and daughter-in-law’s house and seeing what a good job ‘genial’ Gary the plasterer had done to their front room.  Above you can see where I should be sitting writing this blog, but instead I’ve been relegated to the dining room table, which sucks big time, because now we’ve got nowhere to eat as all my computer stuff has taken over.

Just after 07:45 yesterday we had genial Gary knocking on the door.  To be honest, ‘genial’ was the last word I’d use to describe him. Our…

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