Campion #midnighthaiku

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Effusive springtime Exuberant expression Of nature's laughter

The first of the campions are already in flower. This photograph was taken last spring in the odd light that preceded an evening storm. The world was touched with gold, yet the roiling clouds added an unnatural depth to the colours. Though the shot wasn’t clear, I kept it for its vibrancy.

The red campion is not red at all, but flowers in many shades of pink. It has no current medicinal uses, though its seeds were once used against snake-bites and the saponins it contains made it useful as a rudimentary soap.

The bees and insects love it though and this patch of pink is always buzzing with flying creatures.

Perhaps that is why, on the Isle of Man, it is called blaa ny ferrishyn, the fairy flower and why I was always taught I should never pick the campions.

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