…look what they’ve done to my boy…

what a wonderful thing to do for someone…

Seumas Gallacher

…it’s not very often that this ol’ Scots Jurassic is lost for WURDS, but it happened today… mark the calender, Mabel… some friends and I were at a restaurant in deepest Bahrain… a bunch of terrific people I’ve become pals with over the last year or two… at the end of our meal, to my unabashed astonishment, a large cake was produced… I wondered what the occasion was… who was the cake for?… the waiters cleared some space on the dish-strewn table and placed thehuge confection straight plonk in the centre, opposite my seat… here’s what it looks like… have a close look at ‘Mister Brando’…

sg godfather 1sg godfather 2

…I had instantly been transformed from a regular restaurant patron, to the recipient of this amazing gift… these good people know my authorship status, and also that I deem Mario Puzo’s brilliant Godfather books as a great parallel for running…

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