I was…this morning, and like you said, I did nothing and waited. And here I am, just like always…

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Do you ever feel like nothing’s going right in your world?  Ever have the feeling you’re rowing a big boat all on your own, with only one oar, and it’s the left one, and you’re right-handed?  Well, tonight, as I sit trying to find words to finish a chapter in my next book, those are my feelings. And although I’m not at all comfortable in these feelings, I know that we all must go thru them.  I call them STORMS.  Why?  Because they’re sometimes very rocky, turbulent, causing you to feel as if you’re being tossed about on a great big ocean, with high winds and heavy rains.  A storm.

Earlier I did feel something brewing.  It was the calm before the storm.   I can recall sitting on my back porch (which is something I never do…so that should have been a sign), pen and paper in my lap, staring…

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