…The View from the Bench…

Words, not wars… why is it so hard to understand that killing people never solves anything. That only happens in books…

Seumas Gallacher

There’s nothing great about war, my son,
Despite what the generals say
To be out in the void at the end of a gun
Just hoping you’ll live through each day
There’s bile in your throat with each breath that you take,
And nothing to assuage your fear,
For bullets and bombs won’t give you a break
When the claws of the devil come near
It’s not about courage, or strength, or of guts,
And nothing to do with your honour,
With killings and bombings, no ifs and no buts
When you die as some government’s fodder
And what of your family, your kids and your wife?
Will they be grateful you died as a hero?
When you die as a pawn, the next wasted life
–Their future slashed down to zero?
I sit on this bench, and cast my thoughts back,
To the…

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