The small dog does housework…

Naughty Anil…

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I thought I would help out this morning
Give a paw with the housework, you know,
But there’s really no pleasing some people…
I tell you, it just goes to show…

I thought I would tackle the bedrooms,
She keeps them quite tidy and neat
Which, she says, is ‘cause I’m not allowed there
Because of the mud on my feet.

So while she was up in the bathroom
And all up to her eyeballs in soap,
I went looking for jobs needing doing
Of the kind with which small dogs can cope.

I saw that her nest was all rigid,
You know, that place she sleeps in at night,
So I jumped up and gave it a shaking
Just to make it all rumpled and right.

The bed in the guest room was stiffer,
All starchy and crackled and straight…
But after a few minutes digging,
I soon had…

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