Is Storytelling Dying?

Ben Starling

reindeer ice

If you travel to the snowy scapes of Scandinavia…

 …and encounter the native Saami people, you’ll discover that historically they have had an interesting relationship with…reindeer. To be specific, they drink reindeer urine.

SWhy? Because the reindeer eat the Fly Agaric (Amanita muscaria) mushroom – that’s the bright red one with white spots that featured in Alice in Wonderland – a very apposite book title as the mushroom contains a strong hallucinogen. The urine allows drinkers to experience the sensation of flight, to enter the spirit world, and to return to their people with gifts of wisdom and healing.(1)

file6311260094719Fast forward to our modern imagery of Santa Claus. His clothes are red and white. He is pulled through the sky by reindeer. And instead of gifts of wisdom and healing, he brings us…Christmas presents.(1)

What I’ve just done is tell a story – or in…

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