A Chinese Portrait…


I spotted this post on someone’s website a while ago, and thought it sounded like something we would enjoy doing. I won’t identify who did which one, maybe you can guess…


A Chinese portrait is an abstract artistic depiction of a person. Every sentence you complete provides an insight into you as a person.

“The best part of knowledge is knowing the extent of one’s ignorance.”
Old Chinese proverb…

First Chinese Portrait

If I were a sound… I would be waves crashing on rocks.

If I were an animal… I would be a horse, running free.

If I were a flaw… I would be the missing piece of a jigsaw puzzle.

If I were a season… I would be autumn, when all of Nature goes to sleep.

If I were music… I would be Tubular Bells by Mike Oldfield.

If I were a movie… I would be “Legend”, the story of Merlin.

If I were a fiction character… I would be Merlin, for his magic and wisdom.

If I were a sin… I would be anger, for I have spent my life trying not to be.

If I were an element… I would be water, a sea or waterfall, river or lake.

If I were a quality… I would be courage, for you get nowhere without it.


Second Chinese Portrait

If I were an animal… I would be a cat, because freedom is so under-estimated.

If I were a wish… I would be a warm cuddle for those who feel lonely and unwanted.

If I were a shape… I would be a circle, because it has no beginning or end. The circle of truth.

If I were a song… I would be “Country Roads” so it would take me to where I belong.

If I were a character… I would be Tinkerbell, so I could grant everyone at least one wish.

If I were a film… I would be “Spartacus” because it shows the best and worst in each of us.

If I were a book… I would be the Bible and highlight the pages where you can find comfort and truth.

If I had a power… it would be to heal the bodies and souls of those in need.

If I were a sound… I would be a warm wind that frees you from your fears and lifts your soul.

If I were a flower… I would be a rose, to make someone smile and remember the good days.


So there you are, our Chinese Portraits. Can you guess which one is Anita’s and which is mine?
Feel free to have a go yourself, and you don’t have to stick to the categories we chose…

What would yours reveal about you?


16 thoughts on “A Chinese Portrait…

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  3. If I were a sound – I would be the quiet breath that lulls you to sleep at night.
    If I were a flower – I would be a rose, my thorns at the bottom show my journey to beauty .
    If I were an animal- I would be a wolf, provider for the pack.
    If I were a bird I would be the blackbird heralding in the morning.
    If I were an element – I would be the wind, blowing good things on my way.
    If I were a character – I would be The Artful Dodger, making something out of nothing.

  4. If I were an animal – I’d be a cat, loving you when I felt the need, escaping to explore the jungle from time to time.
    If I were a rock – I’d have lots of footholds so you could clamber all over me.

  5. If I were an animal…

    I’d be a wombatsheep, because I can never make up my mind about anything.

    If I were an even number…

    I’d be three, because I’ve always been awful at math.

    If I were a master criminal…

    I’d be in prison, because I don’t have the brains or the inclination to be a master criminal.

    Am I doing this right?

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