7 Tips to make you a Failing Writer

This was just what I needed on a miserable Monday morning. Please don’t leave it too long before you post something else!

Steven Capps Writing

I’m going to try to make this post somewhat humorous. Chances are that there will be no one who reads this that wants to be a complete failure as a writer, but just in case you want to some guidance to get there, here you go.

Don’t Write– The best way to fail as a writer is to not write. Forget about commenting; forget about typing your own blog post to refute this. If you want to fail as a writer, you are not allowed to write.

Don’t Read- So you want to ignore my first piece of advice, but you still want to be a failure? Don’t read another book…ever. Books have a bad habit of teaching how a story works, and you don’t that kind of thing messing with your goal in being a failure.

Don’t Revise- Are you sure you want to be a failure? Cause…

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