Sneaky peek – How It Begins

The Bingergread Cottage

Having taken so very long to get back to my manuscript for Book 3, I thought my readers might like a teaser. This is the Prologue  (any Frankie Howerd impressions from Up Pompeii?) In my usual fashion, I have written this when the work is half finished, just as I wrote Book 2 before Book 1 – if you know me you will be keeping up, if not – stick with us, it gets better!


The Capital, Black Shaman’s Guild


The night following the Drum ceremony where I made her lover an honorary shaman, I knew that I had lost Riga, my Blood-Daughter, forever. This did not require The Sight. I felt her heart close off to me and devote itself to this other man, this stranger to our ways.

In the early hours of the morning I wept as I have only done twice before in my…

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